12 jointer planer


1007. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (1 of 6)

In this video I start using my new to me Jet JJP-12 jointer/planer after a complete setup check and sharp knife install * VerySuperCool Tools sells a Sharpening


JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer - How to Real User Review

http://wwwtoolselectcom/product/detail/Jet-JJP-12 ToolSELECTcom put the JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer into the hands of David Bremmer to get his


The New JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Combo

The new JET® 12 Jointer/Planer, has combined two machines into one With a large 12 width capacity, this machine features quick change over between


JET 12 Jointer Planer Combination Review

A NewWoodworkercom video review of JETs 12 capacity joinger/planer combinations machine showing its featueres and how it converts between modes


Rikon 25-210H 12 Planer Jointer Review

I give my thoughts on this machine after having used it for a few weeks Feel free to ask any questions about it!


1008. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (2 of 6)

In this video I use the Jet JJP-12 to mill the edge of the board I then look at the flatness and squareness of this board Any shadow line between the edge of the


New Old Jointer Planer Kity 636

Support me here: https://wwwpatreoncom/mariushornberger?ty=h or support me through my Amazon


Woodworking - Laguna Tools Combination Machine - Platinum Series 12 Jointer Planer

Our line of Platinum Series Jointer/Planer combination machines has now grown to include 3 sizes to suit any application These Euro-style combo machines


12 16 Jointer Comparison

Grizzly Industrial is back with another comparison video This time were discussing our complete line of 12 and 16 inch jointers


1012. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (6 of 6)

In this video I show a shop made mobile base for this 500lb JET JJP-12 I you are interested in learning more about welding and steel fabrication for your shop,


1010. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (4 of 6)

In this video I use the very sensitive adjustment mechanism on the JET JJP-12 to set the infeed jointer bed as close to coplanar as possible to the outfeed table


Inca 560 Planer Feed Upgrade

The Inca 550, 560 and 570 Combination 10-1/4 Jointer/Planer Machine is a phenomenal Swiss made precision tool Its one achilles heel however is that the


Testing the RIKON 25-010H Combination Planer Jointer

Woodworkers Journal contributing editor Sandor Nagyszalanczy takes an in-depth look at the features and abilities of the RIKON 25-010H Planer/Joiner in this


1009. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (3 of 6)

In this video I start the process of confirming that the factory settings on the JET JJP-12 were set up very accurately from the JET factory This machine is top


Jointing Stock Wider Than Your Jointer - 218

More shop projects and videos: https://wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLoEggaYbboJEXKB_yw4tDDkSDLB2tTnBM UPDATE/BETTER WAY for this video:


Hammer A3-41 Jointer Planer Review


Rikon Planer Jointers - 10 inch 12 inch

Morton shows how to operate both models of Rikons over/under style Planer/Jointers


What to Look for in a Jointer Planer Combo Machine

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of jointer/planer combo machines and what to look for when shopping for a new machine


JET Combo Planer-Jointer Presented by Woodcraft

Charles Neil demostrates the JET combination planer-jointer in part 1, dealing primarily with the jointer operation For more information about JET


HAMMER - A3 - Jointer-Planer

http://wwwhammerusacom/us-us/products/jointer%E2%80%93planershtml 10, 12 or 16 jointing and planing width for outstanding results that will impress


Combination Jointer Planer in Action

Felder AD741 Combination Jointer Planer in action Shows changing from one function to another in a real work environment This machine has a 16 bed and


Homemade 12 planer jointer

I made this planer loosely based off of Matthias Wandels plan but I really only made the parallelogram from his jointer and everything else was adapted in some


1011. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (5 of 6)

In this video I install the knives in the JET JJP-12 for the first time I made a shop made jig for this knife setting process that worked fantastic I was a bit ham fisted


Jointer vs Planer What Does Each One Do

Many people ask about the role of a jointer vs a planer, so here we talk about each one, and demonstrate the role that each one plays in milling lumber perfectly

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